Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Chess. By the Bear Flag Republic

For just $1.99, “Chess. By the Bear Flag Republic” gives a very challenging game on the iPhone. It has a complete mastery of all phases of chess - from the opening, middle game and endgame. 

It can show the “book moves” in the opening stages of chess with the corresponding percentage of how often it is played.  Thus, the novice player can use the app to learn and master the openings. The player can even develop his own repertoire of moves by experimenting which opening variation is effective depending on the chosen style of play.

The player can also use the app to prepare for different types of an adversary. You can adjust the playing strength of the app and its style of play.

"Chess. by the Bear Flag Republic" is not an easy opponent even for the advanced player.  It has the capability of defeating any player even those with higher ratings. 

This app is definitely not a “push-over” opponent. It has the following features and options:

  1. To show game analysis;
  2. To show the book moves;
  3. To show the legal moves;
  4. Permanent Brain;
  5. To change the style of play to either passive, solid, active, aggressive, suicidal or random;
  6. To change the book variety either from low, medium or high;
  7. To change the playing strength from 800 up to 2450;
  8. Remote Engine;
  9. To choose the piece set from either Alpha, USCF, XBoard or Modern;
  10. To choose the color scheme – brown, blue, green, red, gray, wood or marble;
  11. Sounds can also be adjusted;
  12. To have a figure notation;
  13. Choice of playing either black or white;
  14. To save, record a game, start a new one and store several games;
  15. E-mail the game and edit existing positions;
  16. Adopt a nickname;
  17. Flip from the black or white pieces;
  18. Get a hint on the best move.

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