Monday, August 06, 2012

Puka Beach, Boracay

In modern times, can you still find a beach that is isolated, pristine, and where the sands are definitely unique?

How about Puka Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines? It takes around a thirty (30) minute boat ride from White Beach to reach this place. Immediately upon stepping on its shores, one can feel the difference and rarity of the sands. It is granular and not powdery unlike that found in White Beach. The rough and coarse sands are mostly Puka Shells distinct to this beach.

Puka Beach is one quick escape from the overcrowded beaches of Boracay. For a moment, one can actually enjoy the beach in the most refreshing manner – without the noise, crowd, annoying peddlers, and thrash.

As I walk along the shores of Puka Beach, I began to appreciate the simplicity and the lack of development. Definitely, progress is not acceptable if it will destroy the environment.  Serious actions have to be taken to ensure the preservation of nature for posterity.

The solitude makes any traveler to Puka Beach enjoy the clear turquoise waters of Boracay. I hope that when I come back to this beach, everything would remain simple, unspoiled and beautiful.

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Kit Cruz said...

Yeah right, I also want Puka beach to remain calm and unspoiled with beach resorts in boracay, so there's still a place for those who wants to relax.