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The Exact Place of Jose P. Rizal's Execution

Rizal Park or formerly “Luneta” or “Bagumbayan” - is the place where the Philippines’ National Hero Jose P. Rizal was executed by firing squad on December 30, 1896.  But where exactly in this park of fifty-four hectares is his execution site?

Rizal Monument
It is usually the bronze and granite monument, guarded twenty-four hours by soldiers of the Knights of Rizal and facing the Quirino Grandstand that is commonly thought as the place where the national hero was executed. This monument, which is actually a mausoleum, is the traditional site of wreath laying activities of foreign dignitaries. It was designed by a Richard Kissling - a Swiss sculptor – who ironically merely placed second in the international design competition of the monument sponsored by a committee that included Rizal’s brother Paciano.

While Rizal’s remains are interred here, the exact location of his execution is about 100 meters on the west side of the monument.

This is the exact site of Rizal's Execution
The Marker reads "On this very site DR. JOSE P. RIZAL was executed by Firing Squad at 7:03 A.M., 30 December 1896" (December 30, 1991)

Above are statues or dioramas that depict the hero’s final moments in the actual site where Rizal fell and died. The entrance fee is Php 50.00 for students and Php 75.00 for adults. The ingress is adorned with bronze sculptures and various translation of Rizal’s famous poem written at the eve of his death.

Sign at the Entrance of Rizal's Exact Execution Site
Sculptures at the Wall of the Execution Site
Various Translation of Rizal's Last Poem at the Wall of his Execution Site

The Marker at the entrance of this site reads " Rizal's Execution Site/ Jose Rizal Y Mercado. Filipino. Physician. Propagandist. Writer. And Patriot was executed within these hallowed grounds at exactly 7:03 in the morning of December 30 1896 by an eight-man squad of Filipino riflemen from the 70th Infantry Regiment the Magallanes of the Spanish Colonial Army./ Those who witnessed Rizal's Public Execution included Lt. Luis Taviel De Andrade, his Legal Defender during his trial for alleged treason against Spain and the two Jesuit Priests Fr. Jose Villaclara S.J. and Fr. Estanislao March S.J. who accompanied Rizal during his final walk before his execution./ Rizal's Martyrdom fanned the flames of the Filipino revolution of 1896 and inspired the Filipinos in their resolute and epic fight for freedom."

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MikeNK said...

I think the actual site of his execution is about 80-100 meters to the NORTH of the memorial. 100 meters to west would be in the middle of Roxas Blvd. Take a look at it on google earth.