Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balagbag Falls (Real, Quezon)

A Two-Level Cascading Waterfalls

Balagbag Falls is just around fifteen (15) minute drive from the Pacific Recreation Kamp or "the PaRK".  After enjoying surfing at the PaRK, the next destination is usually this falls which offers clear and fresh water. 

Waterfalls can be a good indication of the forest's health. If it has a large amount of cascading and clear waters, it can be assumed that the forest is still in the best of health. The trees are still strong enough to hold the soil and get water underground.  
The resulting large volume of water then goes into a sudden vertical drop creating a very beautiful sight. 

Balagbag Falls is very accessible. After seeing the welcome sign to "Balagbag Falls & Mini Resort", the walk to reach it is not very difficult. Compared to other falls I have already visited, Balagbag Falls can easily be reached even by the elderly. There is no long trek nor need to ride a boat or raft to reach this falls. 

I can imagine how Balagbag Falls enchanted the locals and the earlier tourists of Real. While the forests are still practically intact, the influx of tourists and visitors may have a detrimental effect on the environment surrounding this falls. I trust that the authorities would do everything within the law to protect and preserve Balagbag Falls. 

The Falls' Upper Level

One very striking feature of Balagbag Falls is that it is composed of two cascading levels. It is not difficult to climb to the second level. The local authorities or the caretaker of the resort purposely made a way for visitors to go up and enjoy the fresh gushes of water.

During our short stay, some children went swimming and climbed the upper level of the falls without difficulty. They would then jump from the falls which are about fifteen (15) meters in height.

Balagbag Falls' Upper Level

The falls' upper level has a shallow stream. Here, visitors can go under the cascading waters and have a relaxing "water massage". Just imagine the one of a kind experience underneath that downpour.

The photo on left shows the "man-made" rock formation where visitors can climb to the falls' upper level. The photo on the right was taken from above the structure.

Entrance Fee

Just like in Daranak Falls, the entrance fee is very minimal for children and adults. I think the fee is collected to help in the expenses in keeping the area clean. It is really not enough. I hope all visitors to Balagbag Falls cooperate in ensuring that this resort is free from any form of garbage.

There are cottages for rent. But the number of cottages may not be enough for the influx of visitors during the summer season.

The Road to Balagbag Falls

From the bridge, you can see the road to Balagbag Falls. It is, for now, rough but passable even for light vehicles. But when we visited the resort, construction of a cemented road is on-going. I do not hate development. But when it goes unchecked, it often results in the destruction of the environment. What God has created is already perfect. Nature may not be suitable or inconvenient for human habitation, but in the end, we all depend on what the environment can provide us.

Of course, there are advantages to having a concrete road. It means convenience to reach Balagbag Falls. But, sometimes too much development destroys natural wonders. If given a choice, I would rather trek in a rough road to Balagbag Falls. The environment surrounding the falls is fragile. The number of visitors trekking to the falls should somehow be regulated to minimize the impact on the environment.

It is a common experience that when a road is constructed, informal settlers would inhabit the area. With the place being populated, the threat to Balagbag Falls becomes imminent. The area within the falls should be preserved and protected. I really hope that Balagbag Falls would not turn out to be like the Hinulugang Taktak Falls in Antipolo. Let us do our share to preserve and protect Balagbag Falls!  

On the way to the falls, there is a stunning view of the ocean. It gives a preview of how beautiful Real's coastline.  It is definitely distinct from the rest.

I would definitely return to Real, Quezon. I like to see and enjoy again the beauty of Balagbag Falls. When I return, I wish to see Balagbag Falls as how I saw it for the first time - beautiful, clean and enchanting. 


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