Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Street)

One of my favorite spot in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig, Global City is “Fully Booked”. There are thousands of books to choose from. All known titles can be located within its four levels. What is nice about this bookstore is that you can get your favorite book from the shelf and read it at leisure.

There are books identified as “for browsing” and are not for sale. You can ask for assistance from the staff before opening other books for guidance. It is very nice to read and just sit down on the couch and even on the floor reading your favorite book. I don’t know if I have to feel guilty grabbing a book and reading it for hours without buying a single item.

The last time I have visited Fully Booked, I read about Andres Bonifacio and the "Tragedy of the Revolution". With a cool ambiance inside the bookstore, I was able to read several chapters of the book. While reading it and being comfortably seated, I was able to relive history and delve upon questions on this very tragic part of Philippine history.

All the books are beautifully arranged. It is not confusing to look for different titles of books on the same topic. Just walking in this sea of books is more than intellectually gratifying. I cannot help appreciating the benefits and entertainment brought by reading. Reading acts as a transporter and a time machine to important events and places. Historical figures come alive as if personally discussing their thoughts and views. I began to think, what would Rizal say about issues in Philippine politics today? How about Andres Bonifacio?

It is very relaxing to browse upon all the books. If I only have the time, I would just sit and read in Fully Booked, in the couch or even on the floor. That is if I cannot travel or play chess.  How good life would be if I could do the things I really wanted to do. Work, and previous studies, often get in the way. While seated comfortably inside this bookstore, time passes really quickly. The boredom immediately disappears.

There are books that I cannot find in other bookstores that I was able to find here. Perhaps, I may have not looked hard enough in other bookstores, but here in Fully Booked locating a sought after book is much easier. The books are arranged in such a way that the reader can just reach out and grab a copy.

And best of all there is Starbucks! After hours of reading or browsing upon books, I have that option of just going up and sip my favorite cup of Mocha Frappuccino. I do not smoke but I really like to sit in the veranda.  It is like an observation post of what is happening on Bonifacio High Street. Starbucks is just located on the third floor of Fully Booked.

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