Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunken Garden (UP Diliman, Quezon City)

It has been raining for several days and my travel plans have been practically put to halt. I had several plans for the weekend but due to the sudden downpour, I really had no choice but to stay at home. The heavy downpour caused waist-deep floods in several areas and I was forced to skip the second edition of the Executive Chess Circuit and the chess tournament in Paranaque.

Off to work I passed by the UP Sunken Garden. It was still raining. But the beauty of this garden has never waned. In fact, the Sunken Garden appears to be more beautiful as the rains fall on the grass. Everything is fresh and picturesque.  If I were not on a rush, I often stop and look at the beauty of nature captured in this five-hectare landscape.

Especially during weekends, there are lots of activities going on in this famous garden. Joggers, bikers, lovers, friends, and families all converge in this garden. I have jogged and walked here several times. I can still remember walking with my late sister around this garden for her much needed exercise. But that was just once or twice. I really regret not having devoted much time for my sister to walk or just jog around this Sunken Garden.

The Sunken Garden’s 2.2 kilometers academic oval is a haven for joggers and bikers.  Amidst the Acacia trees, runners, bikers and other physically conscious individuals try to conquer the oval repeatedly. The Sunken Garden  (“General Antonio Luna Parade Grounds”) is an ideal venue for physical activities.

I had been planning to bike around the Sunken Garden for some months now. During my younger days, I used to bike in our community. Biking is a very good form of exercise.  It feels so good as the wind blows in my face as I pedal to my destination. But with a lot on my to-do list, I hardly had the time to bike or jog.  Each time I look at the joggers and bikers, I really wished that I can join them. I really wanted to put on my running shoes, or get a bike and go. I think I am getting tired of wearing formal shoes. Perhaps it is about time to wear those athletic apparels again. 

During summer or when the rain stops, the Sunken Garden sees a lot of picnic goers. Families with their children are often seen playing with whatever games available. It is totally a bonding experience for the whole family.

The Sunken Garden, however, is not only a place for athletic activities but it is also an area for academic contemplation. I often see a lot of students just sitting near this garden looking as far as their eyes can see as if trying to contemplate on their future. Some appear to be looking on a blank wall, stoic and worried. And this phenomenon often coincides during examination week.

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