Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chess: A Very Exciting Game

Is chess a boring game?

With the proliferation of different apps and games on the Internet, I sometimes wonder whether chess has lost its appeal. I am beginning to think that chess – a game played for centuries – is now relegated to a game that is “boring”. Compared to other games on the Internet, some say that chess is not that “exciting”.

Well, I do not believe so. Chess, once you learned how to play it, will definitely give that “excitement” and “addiction” most online games offer.  Chess is a very addicting game and gives a very different kind of challenge. The enjoyment you would derive from playing chess cannot be equaled by any popular game on the Internet today.

When I attend chess tournaments, I feel glad each time I see a lot of youngsters competing. The huge turn out of children competing in tournaments is an indication that chess has not lost its appeal. 

Once you learned how to play chess, you would definitely fall in love with the game. You will see that is not a “boring” board game.  

What makes the game of chess exciting?

If we look at chess players, all that we can see are nothing but their occasional movements. They hardly move. Yet, if we look at the players - all their energies and concentration are focused on the chessboard.  From the sheer look of their eyes, we can see that something “exciting” is happening on the board.

In a chess game, most of the excitement happens during intense tactical plays where one mistake can mean death or a win. Chess is reduced to a  “battle of nerves” where the first player who commits a mistake loses the game.

There are many games of this nature.  When every move can mean life and death, chess becomes a game full of emotion. What is important is that the player stays calm and focused. Imagine trying to find the best move under time pressure? With the clock winding down, it takes a very solid and well-controlled emotion to handle the intensity of chess.

One of the most exciting chess game ever played is the game between Gary Kasparov and Valesin Topalov in 1999. In this game, Kasparov despite being an exchange down made precise moves in a breathtaking middle game to finally win in the end. 

Take a look at the 36th move made by both players and appreciate the intensity and excitement of the game of chess.

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