Saturday, May 31, 2014

Art Circle Cafe (Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City)

At the “Bahay ng Alumni” in UP Diliman, there is a quaint and unassuming restaurant where art and comfort food is mixed within an environment evoking relaxation and warmth.

I am not a fan, not yet, of this restaurant. But, I do love art.  I have that fascination for art.  I love looking at how a canvass is transformed into an emotion.  With dead paint, mixed and matched, colors come alive to create that something often confused as a mere splash created with a brush. Actually, it is an expression. An expression others call art.

I usually frequent the nearby restaurant – Chocolate Kiss Cafe with its Chicken Ala Kiev – but as I looked at the other end, those paintings caught my attention. Anyone looking at the facade of the restaurant would think that this is an art gallery and not something else. Paintings dominate the area until it reveals a quiet airconditioned nook, a haven for those wanting peace and silence amidst that is UP.

The menu is prominently displayed at the entrance. I examined the menu revealing an array of rice meals, salads, desserts, pasta and snacks all sold at a very affordable price.

Try their different coffee blends – Sagada, Kalinga, Benguet and their “Special Hazel_Nut Benguet Blend” and you will surely not regret passing by this restaurant.

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