Monday, May 12, 2014

Kangaroo Jack Merienda Buffet

I have tried this buffet in SM Fairview and in SM North. It is an "eat-all-you can treat", food is refilled almost instantly, with smiling restaurant staff, starts at around 2 pm, ends at around 5, with bottomless iced tea, at P 220 per person.

What I enjoyed most is their “kare-kare” together with the java rice and the banana fritters.  I was hungry and I skipped lunch. And this is supposed to be a “merienda” – something you ate after lunch and before dinner – but I intend to skip dinner as well.  The menu consists of pizza, nachos, macaroni salad, spaghetti, among others.

Other visitors immediately replace those who left after an hour.   At the other table, a birthday celebration was on the works. Cake was brought out and friends slowly appeared. Here I got the idea that it may be good thing to celebrate birthdays here and other occasions.  At P 220  per person, it may be more economical and less stressful to celebrate such occasions at Kangaroo Jack.

I tried to eat slowly and enjoy the food. With a relatively okay mushroom soup, and nachos, I think this place is worth the visit.

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