Thursday, May 29, 2014

One Good Chess Puzzle App (iChess Free)

There are several chess puzzle applications out in the market today. But, there is one chess puzzle app that I enjoy testing my skills with - and its free. This is the “iChess Free” available on Google Play and iTunes.

iChess has three levels of difficulty – normal, advanced and master. After enjoying all three levels, there is an option to purchase more puzzles.

What is great about this app is that it works without an internet connection, allowing you to play wherever and whenever you desire.  While waiting in line or having coffee, a beginner or intermediate player can sharpen his chess skills by solving puzzles.

Since the puzzles were taken from from actual games, the principle behind each puzzle has great possibility of re-occurring in your game. The app also allows you to copy the puzzle or share it via Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and other social applications.

In the settings, you can change the app's behavior and suit the board’s color to your preference.

I think every chess player of any level should try this.

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