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Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa (Loreland Resort, Antipolo)

Loreland Farm Resort
Antipolo City, Philippines
(02)5702532, 09062594749 

The Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is located inside the Loreland Resort in Antipolo City.  Barring traffic conditions, it is about a two-hour drive from the Ortigas Extension. Once you reach the Rizal Provincial Capitol and the Unciano Medical Center, ask anyone for directions and this spa is just a few minutes away.

After five grueling days of work, boredom and struggle to survive, finding a spa and having a massage is almost a necessity.  Having a massage on a weekend is like recharging a worn out battery after a constant and continuous week of working to the hilt. Thus, I tried to find a spa, but something different from the usual, and after flipping through the Internet, I came across Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa.

After a two-hour drive emanating down south of Pasay City, we have reached the Rizal Provincial Capitol. At the Unciano Medical Center, we turned right to a strip of road that revealed an array of notices and directions leading to several resorts in the area.  We continued to head straight and followed the signs to Loreland Resort.

A Spa Different from the Usual

The Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is a spa different from the usual. It is located on a ridge and offers a relaxing view of a mountainous Antipolo, Manila’s skyline and Laguna de Bay. Guests can indulge in a massage with soothing waters while relishing the crisp air resembling that of Tagaytay - a combination that guarantees relaxation naturally.

The spa is quick escape from the crowds of Metro Manila and the hordes of guests at Loreland Resort. Such escape, however, means, of course, a separate fee, if you are already a guest at Loreland.

In our desire to be invigorated and be "de-stressed" and hopefully for a full experience, we opted to try its:

Php 1,500.00/person

Inclusions: good for 7 hours, welcome drinks, use of sauna, heated jacuzzi, hydro massage, infinity pools, dr. fish spa, shower, locker room, access to lounges and gardens. We also provide traditional bathrobe (batik) and towel for your use. Meals include 2 snacks (Antipolo's Best Suman and Fruits in Season) and a 4 COURSE WELLNESS MENU served ala-carte.”

After paying the indicated amount, we also paid P 550.00 each for their “signature massage”, one hour, and a combination of massage Thai, Swedish and Reflex strokes.

After payment, we were handed a towel and a bathrobe appearing to be a “batik”. We forgot to take a basket. I also forgot that since this is a spa of swimming pools, I needed to be in my swimming attire to enjoy the amenities. I went back to get into the proper attire.

The Pools

The Infinity Pool, located at the lowest part of the ridge, but with a great view of Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila.

There are three pools – (1) at the topmost part of the ridge where the heated Jacuzzi and sauna is also located; (2) the "middle pool" with the hydro massage and the fish spa; and (3) at the lowest part of the ridge where the infinity pool can be found. There are gardens, lounges, statues and statuettes, bamboo huts, and signs somehow transforming the ridge into somewhere else but all in an effort to have that serene and ambiance worthy of a spa.

The "heated Jacuzzi" located at the topmost part of the ridge. Also found here is a pool, a sauna, gardens and lounges.
The foreign-looking couple was on the Jacuzzi when we reached the highest part of the ridge. They saw us. We thus pretended to look at the flowers instead. We seated ourselves on the lounge but actually, we were waiting for our turn to use the Jacuzzi. We, however, placed ourselves in a manner for these tourists to enjoy their moment. 

While seated, we admired the well-manicured gardens of the resort, its inspiring signs and the over-all beauty of the place. The main advantage of Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is indeed its commanding view of Manila and Laguna de Bay.

The middle pool with its hydro massage is deserted. With no soul in sight, we took a dip and photos.  We tried the hydro massage and it was splendidly relaxing.  With us practically having the whole area to ourselves added to the soothing ambience.

The Middle Pool with the hydro-massage
Fish Spa

The  “doctor fish” here is different from the species found in Balai Isabel. They  look like cousins of the "Tilapia", black in color, but are all generally willing to clean the callous and excess skins off our feet.

Final Notes

(1) Since the spa is found on a ridge, be ready to climb stairs made of concrete but decorated with stones to blend to the environment. Loreland has successfully transformed this ridge into a nice getaway.

(2) Though it was Saturday, there were only a few guests when we visited the place. And it should be that way. We saw some couples – locals and a foreigner based from their respective appearance - and some group of friends. I think this place is much enjoyable if it is not crowded.

(3) if you would like to fully experience Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa you can try their "Hanging Gardens Getaway Package". Otherwise, its "Hanging Gardens Retreat" for only P 930.00 per person is a better option.

(4) Be in your swimming attire before entering the spa. Bring extra clothes. Get  a basket at the reception.

(5) Try their massage. 

(6) Call and get a reservation.

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