Saturday, June 07, 2014

One Great Online Syncing Tool (Dropbox)

Dropbox  is one of the most popular online backup tool today.  It is user friendly, easy to install and its free.

With this app, all your files are safe and are for easy access. It automatically syncs your file in all your devices whenever there is Internet connection.

Simply, if you have several devices - desktops, laptops, Ipads, and cellphones - the file you have created on each device is automatically “backed up” on all your other devices. Imagine if you have written a draft thesis proposal on your laptop that unfortunately, either by your own misfeasance or due to the government’s neglect, fell on open manhole – you need not die the next day as the draft is safe in your desktop at home.

With this app, you can edit your assignments, business proposals, memos and other paper works while enjoying your favorite coffee. You can add your favorite photos instantly and show your stuff wherever there is Internet connection.

Aside from that, you and your friends, classmates and officemates can work together in a particular file using Dropbox.

Dropbox is free to download but it has a premium paid service. I remember starting with this app on its free account with a 2GB space. Recently, my account was upgraded for free with 50GB  space. With that much space, Dropbox has become an essential app tool in all my devices.

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