Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Why Get a Folding Bike?

The concept of a folding bike was at first something out of a science fiction magazine. It was an idea coming out for the quest of that ultimate convenience of having a bike that can be tucked while in commute or folded inside a trunk of a car. The early folding bikes that were released on the market were very difficult to fold, heavy, of questionable performance and is, in fact, more inconvenient than the usual bikes.

At this time however folding bikes seemed to have been perfected and polished. They are now lighter, easier to fold, and more convenient to carry. Its riding performance is almost comparable to regular bikes. Folding bikes are also relatively cheaper compared to regular mountain bikes.  I have seen folding bikes being sold for as low as P3,000.00. But of course, if you desire a much lighter folding bike you got to be ready to shell out more.

I bought my folding bike for P 7,000.00 in Cartimar – the same place where I bought my mountain bike.  At first, I was apprehensive buying this type of bike. However, I felt that I needed a bike that can be folded inside the trunk and can be carried easily.

I have been using my folding bike for a month now. I do not have any complaints except that the seat has to be adjusted occasionally after riding on bumpy roads. The bike is easy to fold, relatively light, safe and stable enough for the ride. I can say that my folding bike performed beyond expectations.

As I enjoy riding my folding bike, I cannot help thinking when are we going to see cars that can be folded to save on parking space.

Anyway, if you desire convenience get a folding bike.

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