Friday, August 01, 2014

Bayview Park Hotel (Manila)

If you desire a quick escape from the unpredictable weather, try Bayview Park Hotel along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Booking a room was a breeze.  I was able to book a room even without a credit card. When I called the reception, the girl with a very accommodating voice simply asked my name and the schedule of my stay at that’s it, I was able to reserve a Superior Room. Perhaps this convenience is due partly to the fact that the rainy season has already set in or the hotel has a very efficient booking procedure.

It has been raining lately and the unpredictable weather gives that feeling you just want to lay down and cuddle up in bed. With the rains - often on and off -  most out of town schedules are either rescheduled or postponed indefinitely.  There seems to be no way to enjoy the outdoors.

In the Philippines with only two seasons – the dry and wet – one has to be creative in enjoying the latter. During the wet season, that usually commence in June but due to climate change often extends beyond August, one of the best things to do is to have that relaxing “staycation” I crudely define as the art of enjoying a very relaxing vacation in a hotel fully enjoying its amenities at the most affordable rate.

One weekend we stayed for a night at Bayview Park Hotel. This hotel is located in front of the US Embassy and the Museo Pambata.  It is a walking distance to Rizal Park and that newly renovated landmark – the Luneta Hotel. But, one thing great about this hotel is its being in front of Roxas Boulevard. In the morning, the whole stretch of this boulevard transforms into jogging and a biking path.

I woke up early at around 6 am, got my folding bike and since it was a Sunday, joggers and bikers are all over the whole boulevard. As I biked from the US Embassy to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I really cannot help thinking about the fate of Manila Bay. It used to be a tourist spot. The famous sunset is still there but everything I hear is how to reclaim this bay and convert the area into a commercial and recreational center. Saving Manila Bay seems to have become the least priority.

I find the hotel staff of Bayview Park Hotel to be commendable. We stayed only overnight but they have rendered good service. The reception and almost every employee in this hotel appear to be service oriented. I think however that the hotel’s Wi-Fi, gym and the pool can benefit from some improvement and repairs.

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