Friday, April 17, 2015

Ocean Adventure (Subic, Zambales)

After several hours of driving in an almost traffic free expressway of the NLEX and SCTEX, we found ourselves again in Subic. One of my friends opted to have their family outing somewhere in Subic and let the kids experience Ocean Adventure and the Subic Safari. I decided to come along though I have there several times.

Ocean Adventure 

Park Hours: 9 AM - 6PM Daily
Park General Admission: Adult 650; Child 520; Senior Citizen 520

Animal Encounter Programs:

Swim with the Dolphins 3,700
Dolphin Beach Encounter 2,400
Family Dolphin Experience 10,000
Dive with Dolphins 4,250
Sea Lion Swim Encounter 3,000
Shark and Turtle Adventure 500
Dive with Sharks, Turtles and Jacks 1,400
Animal Trainer Adventure (Half day) 5,500; (Full day) 8,500

Dolphin Tales
Showtime: 12:30 and 4:30

Dolphins show their greatest tricks above water displaying amazing intelligence and training.

No piece of plastic belongs in the ocean! Dolphins and whales accidentally eat those plastics causing their death.  This has been emphasized during the dolphin show. These lovable and intelligent creatures are often victimized by our negligent and irresponsible ways on how we deal with our trash.

Every time I see a piece of plastic floating in our seas, I often think of the dolphins, whales and other sea creatures. It is very difficult to comprehend why we keep on throwing garbage on our rivers and seas despite being aware of their importance. We are all dependent on clean rivers, seas and oceans. Having a thrash-free water system is not only about dolphins and whales. It is about everyone. It is about our very own existence.

It is not my first time to watch this Dolphin Show in Subic.  However,  I am always amazed each time I see these beautiful creatures of the sea.  Once the show starts, I can feel everyone's excitement and delight in seeing these dolphins perform tricks that immediately catches applause and appreciation from the audience of all ages. But, as I look at the faces of the children watching the show, I can see from their innocent faces their amazement in seeing the dolphins swim, dive, walk on top of the water, and fly like acrobats.  Did I say walk on top of water and fly? Yes, dolphins can walk on water and fly. You got to see it for yourself to believe such a feat.

Dolphins are indeed very intelligent animals. They are highly trainable and can perform a lot of entertaining tricks.  We have to be united in protecting these animals to ensure that the next generation of children can still see how wonderful these dolphins are.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol 
Showtime: 1:15 and 5:00

Have you ever seen a Sea Lion up close and personal?  At Ocean Adventure, there is a Sea Lion Marine Patrol - a comical and very entertaining show consisting of at least a male and female Sea Lion and staff. The show focuses on the importance of protecting the environment and the steps on how we can make our oceans and seas safe not only for these creatures but for everyone on this planet.

It is amazing to see these Sea Lions obey the commands of the staff. They have shown that they are intelligent creatures with the innate ability to entertain and obey commands.  The Sea Lions, a male and a female, have put up a very good show. Their antics and showmanship are superb. 

While being entertained, we were reminded about how we can help in protecting and preserving the environment. It was emphasized that thrash has to be placed in garbage bins and not thrown into the river or seas.  We got to make ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our thrash.  Everyone has an important role to play in ensuring that the environment is protected.

In the Philippines, it is really appalling to see garbage and thrash in almost every corner.  I have observed that some people either due to negligence or callousness will not hesitate to leave their thrash as if somebody would always be there to pick it up. Sometimes, I see occupants in vehicles throwing out garbage from their cars into the street while cruising. Why can't they just keep their trash inside the car and dispose of them properly? What is the use of having a clean car if the roads you are driving in is full of thrash?

This show is not only entertaining but also conveys an important message. Children who watch the Sea Lion Marine Patrol can pick a thing or two about the importance of disposing of garbage properly. Adults are reminded of the very great role they play in protecting the environment.

Balancing Act with the African Acrobats
Showtime: 11:00; 3:00

During this recent visit, we were treated to a new and very energetic entertainment courtesy of the African Acrobats. Their energy and stage presence is captivating. We were immediately at the edge of our seats while they were performing their tricks.  Their acrobatic acts combined with some comic relief was a well-applauded performance.

We enjoyed our visit to Ocean Adventure. While we are aware of some of the controversies regarding keeping dolphins and other marine creatures in captivity to perform for the audience, I think that the issue should be addressed with utmost objectivity and with the best interest of the dolphins in mind.

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