Monday, July 06, 2015

The Heritage Hotel (Pasay City, Metro Manila)

At the southern end of traffic burdened edsa,  but before reaching the Mall of a Asia there is a respite for the weary traveler. Heritage hotel is one imposing landmark that is very difficult to miss.  Without the dreaded traffic from the airport, this hotel can be reached in less than thirty minutes. But traffic is now considered the new norm in Metro Manila and travelers to the city are advised to expect a crawl from the airport unless you arrived earlier than 4 am.

Since it is found in the corner of Metro Manila's main road, strategically everything is within reach. Aside from the gigantic mall situated at the reclaimed Roxas Boulevard, the National Shrine of our Mother of Perpetual Help is  mere walking distance at the well known Baclaran. And since you are near within the Baclaran area, bargains can be found in every corner. Almost every item is affordable and within the budget. Just take some extra precaution and be alert when shopping around Baclaran. Dress simply and avoid wearing jewelries.

Across the road, is a hospital and rows of hotels. Since the Heritage Hotel is near the reclaimed area of Roxas Boulevard everything is within walking distance.  There is the newly built Bluebay Walk where one  can find coffee shops, restaurants and stores. Indeed, this hotel's location is one reason why travelers stay during their visits in Metro Manila.

We arrived at around 11 am. Usually, guests have to wait until 2 pm before they are allowed to  check-in but since the room is already available according to the front desk, we were allowed to use the room earlier than the usual schedule. Perhaps, it is because it is already a lean season.

After the completion of the usual procedures at its front desk, we were given two card keys. For added security, guests have to use this card key in using the elevators - something that is a  common feature in hotels of high standards. When its about hotel security, what comes to my mind is Lim Ket Kai Hotel in Cagayan de Oro.

We appreciated the staff at the reception. In hotels, receptionists have to immediately give that feeling that guests are welcome and  should expect the best service. Staying in hotels should always be a pleasant experience with the least stress as possible.  With all the hassles and stress, a "staycation" is often a way to reinvigorate oneself. 

Our room at the non-smoking section at its 7th floor consists of two clean queen size beds. It has a view of edsa and we have a first hand look at the traffic situation at this part of Manila's main road. As I look at the window, I can see how bad the traffic situation is. Aside from a very heavy volume of vehicles on the road, one factor that contributes to the situation is the lack of discipline among pedestrians, commuters and drivers. Despite all the schemes, traffic seems to be, as I said, the new normal.

The room is clean and the beds are comfortable. It is not new but it is well taken care of. It is complete with a led TV, refrigerator and all the usual amenities with a well controlled air conditioning. The comfort room is likewise clean but with traces of the old structure. The standard towels, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and shower caps are available.

The hotel's interiors are quite archaic and evokes that feeling of "oldness" in a good way. Perhaps, the hotel intends to convey the importance of protecting heritage for posterity. Its lobby is imposing with high ceilings and decorated by chandeliers of metallic design. The hallways are carpeted with air conditioning.

The swimming pool is adjacent to its restaurant where we can hear the commotion outside. Except for the wi-fi, everything is within expectations. It is quite costly to eat at their restaurant, but it is convenient to buy food outside the hotel or eat at a fast food restaurant if you are on a tight budget.

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