Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Tactics to Stay Healthy while Traveling in the Philippines

When traveling in the Philippines, be ready to face its notorious traffic
 and its unpredictable weather condition.
Traveling - whether in the Philippines or in other countries - takes a toll on your health. With all the walking, running, hopping from one ride to the next, booking and taking flights, haggling for better prices, changing hotels or hunting for new accommodations, coupled with various activities from morning til night -  traveling definitely requires a healthy body and staying that way.

If you are one of the million tourists and foreigners who have made the best decision to travel to the Philippines, it is necessary for you to stay healthy to enjoy your stay. Getting sick while in the midst of your travel in the Philippines is heartbreaking. It can mean losing the rare opportunity to enjoy the beaches of Boracay, the beauty of Davao, the mystic island of Camiguin and other tourist attractions.

While the Philippines is a very beautiful country its wet and dry season distresses not only foreigners but locals as well. The country’s weather, affected by climate change, is notoriously a health hazard while traveling. It is now considered the new “normal” to experience a very sunny morning and and a heavy downpour in the afternoon.  With this kind of unpredictable weather condition it is very difficult to stay healthy while on the road.  Common diseases such as colds and flu are prevalent in this kind of erratic weather in the Philippines. Thus, it is very important for travelers, foreigners and first time visitors to get acquainted with the weather and learn about safety precautions to avoid these common diseases and stay healthy while traveling.

Make sure that the water you drink is clean and safe - As much as possible, drink water that is "purified" while traveling in the Philippines. While in most cases, potable drinking water is available in restaurants, cafes and and other food establishments, it is best to politely ask if the water is purified. There are cases where water served from the tap can cause stomach discomfort, illness or other water borne diseases.

While traveling, it is necessary to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Even during the rainy season (from the months of June to October) the weather in the Philippines is still hot and humid. Just walking for a few miles can mean a lot of sweat and some foreigners may find it very inconvenient. However, consider it as part of the experience.

In far flung provinces, consider bringing your own water container.  In cases where purified water is not available, it is best to boil your water before drinking.

Eat in clean restaurants -  the Philippines is a mecca for foodies and travelers who want to savor the best food or just simply taste something new. In the Philippines, travelers are treated to a wide array of street foods from grilled blood, duck embryo, fish balls, to chicken feet. It is tasty, cheap and a really a must try.  However, caution must be taken when gorging on these street foods.  Be observant of your surroundings and make sure that the area is clean including what you eat.

Bring mosquito repellants – when traveling in the Philippines, it is a good idea to bring and use mosquito repellants. Mosquitoes are common in the Philippines and we know that these insects are notorious in bringing several dreaded diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever. If in case you forget to bring a mosquito repellant try to cover your skin with clothing and protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Avoid contact with stray cats and dogs -  As we travel around the Philippines, we often see a lot of stray cats and dogs. Most of these animals have not been vaccinated and are freely going around the streets, resorts, restaurants and other establishments.  While some of these dogs and cats are cute, cuddly and remind you of your pet at home, it is not a good idea to touch or get near them as these animals may suddenly bite and scratch that may cause rabies.

Get vaccinated before traveling to the Philippines – Given the various diseases that can be potentially acquired while traveling, I suggest that you get completely vaccinated before traveling to the Philippines.

Do not forget to bring your medicines – there are certain medicines that are not easy to find in the Philippines even if you check out the big drugstores. If there are certain medications that you need while traveling  in the Philippines do not forget to bring a substantial amount including your doctor’s prescription.

Get as much sleep and rest as you can – in traveling with so much to see and do there is a tendency for sleep and rest to escape us. If you travel around the Philippines for just several days or even a month, is not enough to fully enjoy what this country can offer. As a result, travelers often lose sleep enjoying the nightlife and then waking up very early in the morning to get to other other tourist destinations.

Wherever you may be, always remember that you need to get at least 7 to 8 hours of  sleep. Lack or inadequate sleep not only affects the way you play chess but also prevents you from fully enjoying your travel. Whenever possible, sleep in the most comfortable hotel or lodging house.  Comfort does not necessarily mean expensive. What is important is that you are able to sleep and get a much needed rest for another hectic day of traveling.

With a very hectic schedule, traveling can be very tiring. To rejuvenate and recharge yourself, it is necessary that you take as much rest as you can during while traveling. Try to get a few hours of sleep while inside the plane or train. Learning how to sleep or rest while traveling to your destination can help a lot in ensuring that you have the energy to do various activities while on vacation. 

Do not forget to wash your hands or use a sanitizer – we all know that by simply washing our hands or using  a sanitizer, we protect ourselves from acquiring various infectious diseases. Our hands carry germs that can cause sickness. By washing our hands properly, we prevent these germs from multiplying and we avoid transferring them to our fellow travelers.

Again, the Philippines is very beautiful and you won't regret making that decision to visit the country. But to enjoy your stay, you got to stay healthy and fit to enjoy what the Philippines has to offer.


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