Thursday, December 10, 2015

Banoffee Pie (Banapple Restaurant)

When was the last time you tried a "Banoffee Pie"? I have tried this dessert several times and I think you should try it too. It is not so sweet and the banana somehow cures the aftertaste of its heavenly sweetness. It is perfectly blended with cream, caramel, biscuit base and sprinkled with chocolate bits on top.

Banoffee Pie 
For weight watchers, this pie is indeed a spoiler. I mean who can resist such a creation? There can be a difficult tug of war in your mind on whether or not indulging in something as tasteful and heavenly can actually ruin your weeks or months worth of dieting. Efforts in keeping in shape cannot be affected by one pie, right?  Well, then indulge! It is not often that you taste a pie like this. As a friendly warning, however, everything including this pie should be taken in moderation. 

If for whatever reason, logical or otherwise, pies and cheesecakes are not your cravings at the moment, you can try various salads and other great foods at Banapple. As you see, Banoffee Pie is just one of the signature confections of Banapple Restaurant. 

Asian Sunshine Salad (greens, cucumber sticks, crabstick shreds,
mandarin orange, crispy wonton skins and honey-sesame dressings
At first sight, Banapple catches attention with its combination of pink and white painted walls, high ceiling and simple decors. The restaurant is clean with its own distinct feel compared to other restaurants and has an ambiance that seems to cater more to a youthful crowd that is friendly and service oriented. It can be likened to a small cafe where almost everyone is your friend or neighbor. 

Banapple is slowly getting a large following. I have already visited their branches at the Fairview Terraces, Katipunan 1, Market Market, SM North Sky Garden, and Tuscany, McKinley Hill. Lately, I have noticed that it is becoming more often that I have to wait a number before getting seated. Perhaps, it's very cozy, homey and friendly atmosphere has already caught the attention of many. Its pies, cheesecakes, desserts, salads and other great tasting menus can really satisfy everyone's craving. 

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