Friday, December 11, 2015

What is Tempered Glass?

Whether or not to get  a piece of furniture made of wood or that made of "tempered glass" depends on a lot of factors...  

There are different kinds of furniture in the market today, of different designs and of different materials. The price, quality, and durability of these pieces of furniture are, of course, highly dependent on the materials to be used. If the materials used are of high  quality, chances are the furniture would command a higher price. 

After going around malls, I have noticed that aside from wood, tempered glass is now a common material for  different kind of tables. Instead of the ordinary glass for a center table, the glass is now labeled as made of "tempered glass". What exactly is this kind of glass?  After a simple search on the  Internet, I was able to gather a few information about "tempered glass".  It is said that this type of glass is more durable than ordinary glass. It is further described as a "toughened" or a form of "safety"  glass. It breaks differently from ordinary glass since instead of pointed edges, rounded edges result from its breakage. During its manufacturing, tempered glass undergoes a "controlled thermal or "chemical treatment" intended to increase its durability compared to an ordinary glass. 

In other words, durability and safety are the main advantages of a piece of furniture made of tempered glass. If we compare a table made of this glass and that made of wood, the former looks "classier" and durable with its steel frames. It can also be said that using tempered glass as opposed to wood is more environment friendly. There is also no significant difference in the price between a table made mostly of wood and that made of tempered glass and steel. 

Many would not hesitate to shell out more cash for a more durable piece of furniture such as  a sofa, cabinet or a dining table. Buying a furniture for your home is an investment. There must be enough planning on the type or size of the furniture to  bought. Lots of thinking and planning has to be done to ensure that the piece of furniture you buy is worth the money and effort. It is also not easy to dispose a piece of furniture. Thus, impulse buying should be avoided when buying your sofa or cabinet.

With a great number of considerations in buying a furniture, the choice of material is crucial. Aside from wood, tempered glass is a very good alternative. Instead of using wood as table top, why not try tempered glass? It is much easier to clean than wood.

Anyway, tempered glass is now being used as screen protector for cellphones and other gadgets in lieu of plastic.

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