Thursday, January 07, 2016

Capitol Commons (Ortigas, Pasig City)

Capitol Commons 
Meralco Avenue
Corner Shaw Boulevard
Ortigas, Pasig City

While staying at nearby Privato Hotel, we walked to Capitol Commons in Pasig City. It took us a few minutes from the hotel to reach the area. After crossing the street and passing by the Ynares Center, we were greeted by the sign that says we have reached a several restaurants  that offer a delicious dining experience.  If you would like to enjoy fine dining or simply try something different, Capitol Commons is a good alternative. If  you would simply like to stop for coffee, there is Starbucks. All these great restaurants are located at Capitol Commons' Gastro Strip.

We continued to walk along the area. It is like walking in a park similar to Bonifacio High Street. There were beautiful and cute dogs being walked by their owners. We saw a Chihuahua  and other toy breeds. It was such a lovely sight to see these dogs being walked by their owners  and we missed walking our dogs in  High Street.  Walking with your dog creates that kind of bond with your pet that somehow makes you both closer with one another. It is also a very relaxing experience. But wherever you are, never forget to pick up after your pet.

We seated ourselves at the bench, took some time and observed the surroundings. The area is  clean and there were guards roaming around to ensure security of the area. It was afternoon and we saw some joggers. This park at Capitol Commons is indeed ideal for  a quick afternoon stroll, jogging and walking your pet dogs. It is clean and secure.

Across the bench from where we were seated is Estancia Mall. A mall that fits the high end mixed development at Capitol Commons. After a treat at the restaurants at the Gastro Strip,   you can immediately head to this mall and check out various imported brands of clothes and shoes. If after shopping you get hungry, Estancia Mall  has several restaurants too for you to choose from.

Capitol Commons is still undergoing development. We saw that a condominium is still being built and there are other on going development in the area.  Given its location of being strategically situated in Pasig City, getting a unit at this condominium can bring tons of convenience. Everything is all here and anything you may need is just a few blocks away.

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