Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Zoocabia Fun Zoo (Mabalacat, Pampanga)

Have you visited Subic, Safari? if you like animals and nature, there is another attraction that should not be missed and that is "Zoocabia" in Pampanga. After a quick visit to Dinosaur Island, we took a less than ten minute drive to this destination. Apparently, we cannot get enough of Clark in a day and we decided to explore this attraction. 

Zoocabia is located in the extended area of Clark Freeport Zone. From Manila, we took the SLEX and exited the Angeles Exit. The Waze app is a very good navigational guide to reach this attraction. Inside Clark, the app is pointing to a direction  that is outside of the gated Freeport Zone, we asked the guard at the gate and he pointed us to the direction of Zoocabia. It was just a few meters from the gate where we were met with a rough road going to the site. 

This is called the "Gravity Car". The ride is said to be patterned
after the luge in Sentosa Resort in Singapore.
The entrance was reminiscent of Subic, Safari. It reminded us of the animals when we last visited Subic. Like in Subic, Safari, Zoocabia is a place to see different kinds of animals  but offers a different kind of experience. There are several attractions to enjoy but what we enjoyed the most is the "Zooc Ride". It is riding a small car downhill utilizing gravity to the max. There is a way to control the car and it definitely adds to the thrill. Once the car accelerates almost everything is left to gravity and only a few to your driving skills.  This thrilling ride is experienced twice. Not only once you get to ride downhill, you are given another chance to redeem yourself.

Zoocabia has a "Barn" where we had the experience of feeding animals such as goats,  sheeps, horses and camels. Yes, you got it right - camels! It is not common to see Camels in the Philippines. While it is not our first time to see a Camel, in Zoocabia we got the chance of getting close to the animal and feed it with leaves as provided. Cute potbellied pigs  can also be seen at the barn just waiting to be fed.

We had a great time at this theme park. It was a nice afternoon of fun and bonding with loved ones. The experience is a must try for the whole family. Aside from the Zooc Ride, try feeding the Ostrich with your bare hands at this park.

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Clyde Walker said...

Ang ganda naman pasyalan jan. Sana makapunta din kami ngayung summer at ng makasama naman ang mga bata, sigurado mag eenjoy ang mga yun jan. Thanks sa info! :)

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