Monday, May 02, 2016

J.CO Donuts (Trinoma Mall, Quezon City)

I think what sets J.CO donuts from the competition is that it is not so sweet. I mean compared to other donuts, J.CO offered something new to the public. Not that it is extraordinary but the donuts including the coffee tastes just right.  

When craving for donuts or coffee, it is perhaps our sweet tooth that shows the way.  Who doesn't love donuts? Everyone has in one time or another has craved for donuts or coffee or both. When the craving begins to start, it is of the highest convenience to find a store that serves something that makes you less guilty and afraid of having your sugar shut up at dangerous levels. At present, J.CO Donuts is a great alternative for those who crave but desires less sugar.

But there is always room for improvement. Most people who go to coffee shops are not there just for the donut or coffee. Several are for the ambience while there are some who considers coffee shops  as a place to charge gadgets such as cellphones and laptops. Perhaps, J.CO could at least consider setting more electrical outlets just like in Starbucks.

I often see a lot of people in coffee shops studying, reading or making use of their cellphones or other gadgets while enjoying a cup of coffee. The sight has become common and it is just right that coffee shops serve something relatively healthier as more students are now considering coffee shops as a better alternative to the traditional library.

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