Friday, July 15, 2016

Landers Superstore (Balintawak, Quezon City)

There is something new in membership shopping and that’s Landers Superstore. Before plying the North Luzon Expressway, shoppers cannot miss this newly opened store with a wide parking space in Balintawak, Quezon City.

Shoppers to this newest retail store cannot help comparing it either to S&R or with Costco.  Landers however can be considered a more direct competitor of S&R located at the nearby Congressional Avenue. With the opening of Landers,  membership shopping is on its highest level of competition for the benefit of customers.

Prior to S&R and Landers, membership shopping is something that appears to be not the usual. It is a concept that is somehow beyond the grasp of most shoppers. It is often asked why go for membership shopping when you can easily shop at those gigantic malls without paying any membership fee? However, if you are a “shopping addict” or just a plain buyer in bulk – membership shopping can bring tons of benefits. One is that prices of imported and local goods are, as expected, lower compared to other malls. Buying a lot definitely means a lot of savings as well. There are also a number of items on “sale” or on a “buy one take one promo”. Speaking of promos, members can buy gasoline at Caltex Balintawak and avail of up to “2 pesos per liter member discount” and there is a “20% off on membership fees until September 15, 2016” where you get to pay only P 640.00 membership fee instead of P 800.00.

Landers provides a very convenient shopping experience and endless opportunity to avail of discounts and savings on local and imported items. It also has a restaurant where, similar to S&R, there is pizza and bottomless drinks.

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