Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sidcor Sunday Market (Centris Walk, Quezon City)

This market is definitely worth the visit at 6 in the morning! If you desire fresh seafood, meat products, plants for your garden, delectable cuisines from all over the world and a whole lot more, you got to wake up earlier than usual.  For the usual market goer, 6 am is just right for the market. For nocturnal creatures however this  require a lot of effort. Waking up early however provides  several benefits which includes, among others, the chance to savor what this Sidcor Sunday Market has to offer.

Parking at Centris Walk is almost full by 7 am.  A great number of market goers can already be seen flocking at  different stalls where the best produce are sold at the most reasonable price.  Stalls offering native and foreign delicacies – from “bagnet” to different flavors of Hungarian sausages – are all ready to eat. How about trying the “black paella” and the different flavors of “hopia”?

If you are into gardening, there are several varieties of ornamental plants, grafted trees and supplies to ensure that your garden of whatever size is at its best.  There are also succulents and colorful orchids.  There are various sizes of flower pots of different colors.  Everything is available for the beginner and seasoned gardeners.

I walked around and and tried to discover what else this market can provide to its customers and I can definitely see that there is a lot lot more. It is really up to you to discover!

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