Friday, November 25, 2016

A Change of Heart

I just had a change of heart! I don't know but somehow my compassion towards animals has been unearthed. I now looked at meat not just as simply "bacon", "ham", "sausage", "hotdog", "corn beef" or "salami" but living beings whose lives have been abruptly ended for the sake of our insatiable appetite.

Millions like him are killed annually by being thrown alive
into grinding machines, suffocated in garbage bags, or gassed to death.
If only animals could speak.
Despite whatever has been said justifying that eating beef, pork, poultry or fish is right, the fact is animals just like us have only one life! Like us they can feel! At this very moment, all the cows, pigs, chickens, goats and other animals lined up in slaughterhouses all over the world feel fear! And once their throats are slit or they are killed by any other method they feel pain! Given a choice, they all want to live. They do not want to end up in someone's plate! But, the sad reality is they don't have a choice!  

I think everyone has experienced how it is to feel pain. Everyone has felt the agony of "not being able to do anything except to accept your fate". I tried to comprehend those who say that eating meat is okay. For years, I have the same way of thinking. I have nothing against such idea before. I eat where hunger finds me. If people eats it, then it is probably okay for me to eat it too. There are foods that I fancy and I eat as if I do not care at all. 

But, I had been thinking lately. After this video and looking at my Chihuahuas, I had a different view about eating animals. I suddenly realized how myopic and wrong the idea of killing them for food.  I am not depriving myself. It is just that I am now seeing "the desire to live and enjoy life" of those animals abused, exploited, tortured and killed by our ignorance. No one can deny that the young pig in that "pork tocino" could have chosen to live if given the choice.

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