Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Life Escape

There are times that I wanted to escape life.  Sometimes the rush and the complexity of life is downright suffocating. I need a breath of fresh air. I just need to get out and see what is out there!

He Escaped for his Life
Here is where the beauty of chess lies. If I want to escape boredom and  monotony for  moment, I just get  a gadget, connect to the Internet and play chess. In this age of amazing technology, chess can be played almost anywhere wherever there is an Internet making it easy for me to escape to another world.  Aside from chess, getting underneath a waterfalls is another option. 

If you are in Metro Manila, where can you find the nearest and cleanest waterfall? Arguably, it is inside the Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estate in Barangay Pinugay, Baras Rizal known as the “Palo Alto Falls”. Without the traffic, I can reach this falls in less than two hours of leisurely driving via the Marilaque Highway from Quezon City.

I have recently visited this falls and since it is the rainy season, I have seen and experienced its full beauty. After paying the entrance fee (P100.00), I can already hear the loud gush of water as opposed to what its like during the summer months.  The walk up to the waterfalls is easier and safer due to the concreted walkways and stairs complemented by handrails. I can already see the lovely current indicating a more exciting Palo Alto Falls. It is not stunning as other waterfalls but given its distance from Metro Manila this falls can indeed be a sweet escape from the stress of the city.

But… how about the animals that wanted to escape their life at factory farms or save themselves from being slaughtered? What can they do? Like us, animals also long to be free. They do not want to be confined in cages or pens. Yet unlike us, they do not have the means to just get out anytime they want to. Let me share with you Frank’s story.

Playing chess or traveling for me is either a way to escape life or for life not to escape me. I never thought of the plight of animals that are suffering in cages or are now lined up at slaughterhouses. Frank is indeed lucky to have someone like Jon Stewart.  

If we travel to escape life or for whatever reason it may be, let us also think of the animals that like us desire freedom and yet are now suffering in cages. I really think it is about time to do so.

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