Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One and Only Life

There was time, in fact in a very long time, I do not care what I eat. I mean, if
several people are eating it, then I think it is also good for me.  I remember just grabbing anything at the grocery store or buying whatever clothes or shoes I fancy. It is as if I don’t care at all.

Everything suddenly changed.  One video and a movie shown years ago made me think a lot.  It just dawned upon me that there is absolutely no such thing as a “chicken joy”, a “house” where chickens would like to build by getting themselves killed or a “big mis-steak” when going vegetarian. Life is life! And no amount of good looking and smiling celebrities eating meat displayed on huge billboards can change such fact. Life is precious and being human does not give us the right to take it away from those poor animals.

What I realized is like getting checkmated in a chess game where I thought everything was okay. Animals feel pain! Just like us, animals feel sadness and fear. I have felt my Chihuahuas' happiness every time I arrive home. I can sense their fear during thunderstorms. Chickens, pigs, cows and other animals are absolutely no exception. They definitely have feelings. Imagine what the cows lined up at the slaughterhouse felt before being killed. Who can stomach eating a cow being butchered while still conscious?! Just look at the eyes of those animals and feel them!

I read and weighed what others are saying why we should eat meat or why it is right to kill animals for food.  Yet, no matter how I look at it, I can sense that there is really something wrong in killing animals for food. It is both unhealthy and cruel!

With the advent of the Internet that paved the way for information to be accessed by almost anyone, the sufferings of these animals are being conveyed to the whole world. Who has really been inside a slaughterhouse? Now that I know, I really think it is never too late to make the best move…

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