Monday, November 28, 2016

They Too Feel Pain!

Fancy yet misleading labels, packaging or advertisements can no longer sugarcoat the ill effects of eating meat! It really makes sense that the suffering, torment, pain, agony and stress endured by these animals will likewise be ingested by anyone who eats them.

No amount of "public relations campaign" or smiling celebrities on billboards can hide the fact that “no animal wants to die!” Just like us, animals want to live and enjoy life. How can anyone eat an animal that desperately struggled to live before being killed? Who can eat an animal that was butchered while still alive? If you try to imagine the horrendous pain these animals felt before death, how on earth can you eat them? 

With various studies showing  that eating meat is the leading cause of dreaded diseases I now understand the reason of going "vegan". I mean who wants to get sick? Another reason why “veganism” will be a great threat to the “meat manufacturing industry” in the near future is the dire effect of raising livestock, chicken and fish to the environment. Clearly, there are three main reasons why everyone is going vegan – compassion for animals, concern for the environment and health. The future is definitely vegan.

With the tremendous information brought about by the Internet, what actually happens in factory farms all over the world are now out for everyone to see. After seeing this video, I practically turned “vegan” in an instant. I immediately ditched the usual burger offered by popular fast food restaurants. I began to think differently and gained a wider perspective about my food choices.  If I can only bring back the hands of time, I would have turned “vegan” several years ago!

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