Monday, December 05, 2016

Invisible Victims (Make the Connection!)

In a very very long time, I really do not care what or where I eat. I eat wherever and whatever people eat. I never thought of the “invisible victims” of what I eat.
Take time to watch this life-changing video of Dr. Melanie Joy

Now that I have seen the truth about the plight of farmed animals and how disgusting dairy cows and chickens are treated, I immediately adopted a “vegan lifestyle”. For years, I am one of the millions deceived about “eating meat” and “drinking milk”.  Now that I know, I have stayed away from meat, milk and eggs.  It may take some time to see the truth, but once you seen it, it creates an immediate impact on your life.  It is truly life changing!

But what exactly is “vegan”? Being “vegan” to me means, “feeling what animals feel”. By trying to feel what they feel living in factory farms through their journey to the slaughterhouse, it becomes easier to understand why eating or using them is not right. Otherwise said, being vegan means a “realization” of the obvious truth that animals feel love and pain. Life matters to them too. They struggle to their very last breath to live. They long to be free!

After such realization, I knew I have go vegan.  I do not want to ingest the pain and suffering of these animals. I no longer want to wear shoes that came from a cow forcibly branded and killed mercilessly! I have changed my mind going to zoos and I no longer want products tested on animals.

I think being  “vegan” is not a “fad” or a “diet”. It is an “unearthed consciousness” about the value of “life”.  As a consequence, animal rights are recognized, the environment is protected and a healthy lifestyle is pursued.  This lifestyle however is a threat to an industry using animals for food or in any other form. It threatens an industry that makes a lot of money. But, with lots of people getting sick and more environments getting wasted, “veganism” will surely take the whole world by storm in the near future.  No amount of public relations campaign, propaganda, advertisements or any other means intended to mislead the public would succeed given the deluge of information on the Internet on animal suffering, environment degradation and health concerns attributed to eating meat.
It is truly the right time to make the connection.  Every time we eat, think of what it is actually on our plate. Think about those invisible victims – their sufferings, the abuse they endured and how much they too wanted to live.

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