Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Time to Know the Truth

Killing animals is disgusting to say the least. Eating them has been made comfortable by hiding the truth from us. The meat industry hid the horrendous life of these animals and silenced their screams for help with the sole intention of making profits.  Now that information is out, all we have to do is access that information, analyze and make the right choice.  We cannot further allow such cruelty. I definitely do not want to be part of such cruelty! I am very happy that I have made the connection and embraced a “vegan” lifestyle.

Being “vegan” is not a fad or a diet. It is a lifestyle recognizing that animals are not here for us. Animals, just like us, are earthlings that desire to live. They too feel pain! With this recognition, all sentient beings are respected - animals are not killed for food, used in entertainment and experiments.

Thus, the main reason why we should all consider being “vegan” is the value of “life” itself.  All the animals that end in our plate do not want to die! Life matters to them too. It makes sense that the pain, suffering, and torment these animals have gone through are ingested by those who eats them. If we looked beyond the “bacon” and imagine the pig struggling for its life after its throat is slit, who would still have the appetite to eat it? What we see in supermarkets are nicely packaged “bacon” and “ham” making us forget the fact that the pig, just like us, wants to live and enjoy life!

It is time to make the connection!

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