Thursday, December 01, 2016

Plant-Based and Dairy-Free Ice Cream!

I have been visiting UP Town Center not to eat again at those restaurants serving the cadaver of a dead animal, but simply for ice cream. I mean, who doesn’t crave ice cream? But, after I got to know about the horrendous treatment of dairy cows and farmed chickens, I can no longer stomach an ice cream made out of dairy and eggs.

Lucky for us, “SuperScoops Premium Vegan Ice Cream” is available at “Merkado Supermarket”.  SuperScoops is “dairy free”, “egg” free”, “refined sugar free”, "zero cholesterol" and best of all “100% plant-based”.  And since this ice cream is 100% plant-based it is absolutely “cruelty free”.

I am surprised and delighted that this ice cream can taste heavenly-like but without the guilt of unknowingly supporting cruelty at factory farms. SuperScoops Premium Ice Cream is indeed a blessing!

While walking along the said mall, I often pass a fitness center where someone can be seen desperately running a boring treadmill. However the desired fitness is difficult, if not impossible to achieve if we are not conscious about what we drink or eat.  Studies have shown that cow's milk is not good for our health contrary to what producers' want us to believe.  Cow’s milk is for their young! What happens in dairy farms is that calves are denied their mother’s milk for humans to drink. Just imagine how senseless that is. Further, the "dairy process" is nauseating!

With information about the disgusting treatment of dairy cows available for everyone to see, the process of making of our favorite ice cream is on the verge of a revolution.  Instead of the usual dairy and eggs, it is about time to use all natural ingredients and spare the cows and their young from agony and stress.

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