Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Century City Mall (Makati City)

Century City Mall in Makati City is a very convenient venue for Chess Tournaments. Recently, it played host for a non-master chess tournament held at its 5th floor organized by the Makati Chess Society. The venue is air-conditioned with glass walls providing an unhampered view of the nearby Makati Avenue.

How I reached this venue? Given the traffic situation, I decided to take the Metro Rail Transit or MRT. From the North Avenue Station, I traveled to Buendia Station and walked to the other side of the road with a Shell Station and Mcdonalds. I took a jeepney to Makati Avenue  besides a Petron Gasoline Station. Makati Century Mall is just a five minute walk from the
this station going to Kalayaan Avenue and very near the St. Giles Hotel.

What is very striking about this mall is its relatively different design with a "hole in the wall" concept of a dining area. There are several restaurants at the 4th floor with wide areas of open spaces very suitable for a nice conversation. There is a state of the art cinema and all the stores found in other huge malls in Metro Manila.

The Chess Tournament is well organized and each round starts on time. The pairings are almost done immediately after the last result has been submitted. Waiting time is reduced to a minimum with only the usual delays. This is truly appreciated as it allows participants to go home earlier than usual. 

Century City Mall is a very convenient venue for chess tournaments just like Alphaland which is similarly located in Makati City. After the tournament, participants can enjoy the nightlife in the surrounding area, relax, and forget about missed chances. 

While the prize in chess tournaments is not that big compared to other sports, there are lots of chess enthusiasts who still continue to join. It is not the prize but the love for chess. Chess has a certain allure that attracts players from all sectors and age groups. Despite the advent of technology and other digital games, chess continues to be popular among the young and old. 

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