Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Animals Are Just Like Us

When I get home, the best thing that happens to me  are my dogs. I have ten Chihuahuas waiting for me. I can see their excitement every time I arrive. With their wagging tail and continuous jumping, I know how happy they are upon seeing me. With their antics and comical ways, my stress in the entire work day immediately disappears. I feel welcome to be back home. I suddenly feel significant in the life of someone else.  

Dogs are dogs but they are animals like us who feel excitement, happiness, fear and pain. They hunger, thirst and want to be comfortable. They long to be hugged and loved! There is really nothing different between dogs and us except that they cannot speak. Their only way of expressing what they feel is through their actions.

My very first step in turning "vegan" is having pets. My pets taught me how animals feel. They were my very first best friends. Pets were the first to provide that "connection" in understanding why we should take care of them and not eat them. With pets, it is easy to understand that "animals are here with us and not for us". After re-establishing that connection, it becomes easier to embrace a vegan lifestyle. It now makes sense why "animals are not meant to be ingredients" in the food we eat

A vegan lifestyle is a realization of the sufferings of animals raised for food. With an abundance of information on the Internet, we can no longer ignore the pain and the cruelty inflicted on them for our beef, veal, pork and poultry. The meat industry can no longer hide that these animals do not want to die! If given the chance, they all want to live and enjoy life! If we all realize this fact, we will never enjoy a bacon or ham sandwich again. The taste of that burger will suddenly turn awful and that chicken meal will cause us to vomit.

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