Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Importance of Counter-Attack

Matov vs. Fischer (after 16. Na4)
There are very long games in chess or games that went to a hundred (100) moves or more. But, there are also chess games that are done in twenty five (25) moves or less. The number of moves however is not always and indication of the intensity of the struggle on the chessboard. More often than not however, chess games in twenty five (25) moves or less is a result of a "blunder" or plain oversight. In games between titled players, short games are often a result of a brilliant reply in a seemingly innocuous position.

If we look at the above position, Matov just played (16. Na4) attacking Black's Queen. Fischer, instead of moving his Queen replied (16.___Nc4) counter-attacking White's Queen. If Black's Knight is taken by the Bishop; then  Black's Queen will retake the Bishop attacking both the Rook at f1 and the Knight at a4. Fischer, eventually won a piece in this position and the game.

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