Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enjoy Chess and Learn

Chess is a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The very first step to learn how to play chess is knowing the proper placement of pieces and thereafter the specific moves of each piece. Learn the rules on "castling" and how "checkmate" is achieved. After learning these steps, you are set to play your very first chess game. But, winning your games consistently or beating "better" players is another story. It is not easy to consistently win chess games or attain master level. It takes time and a lot of practice. Gladwell says that to "master" anything (including chess) would take at least ten thousand (10,000) hours. Imagine that great amount of time! Who really has that amount of time to invest in chess?

The good news however is that enjoying chess does not mean you got to be in the likes of "masters" or officially earn a "master's title". What is more important (aside from winning) is to simply enjoy chess and learn from it. Chess is more than the rudiments of attack and defense, strategy and tactics, it is simply "enjoying" this very short life of ours. With only the chessboard and the pieces, life becomes simple and less complicated. Time seems inadequate and for once in your life, you are in absolute control. Suddenly, "life becomes too short for chess".
If you are a student or a working professional, finding time for chess becomes more difficult. Thanks to the internet that radically changed the way chess is played and watched. Chess can now be played and watched online. With the internet, you can play chess anywhere with anyone around the world. Chess tournaments held in other parts of the world can now be viewed in real time. There are also tons of tutorials and lectures about the game of chess in google and in YouTube. There is practically an overload of materials for studying and enjoying chess! With the internet, it has now become much easier to squeeze into chess during your free time. Join or any online chess playing app. With your cellphone, tablet or any other gadget, you can instantly enjoy playing chess. Gone are the days where you have to wait for your chess buddy to play. 

Chess provides lots of benefits. One of which is it "improves decision making". It is not difficult to comprehend how this game can improve our decision making skills. Every move made at the chessboard requires a decision. In chess, just like in life, one move or decision can make or unmake us. We reap the consequences of every decision we make. Chess provides a great avenue to test the soundness of our decisions given existing circumstances.

Wherever you may be, it is about time to enjoy chess and learn!

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