Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Chess in Barangays

I am happy to observe that there is a growing interest in chess tournaments in Barangays (the smallest political unit in the Philippines). There is also resurgence of private companies willing to sponsor chess tournaments for developing chess players. This is indeed great news for chess. With more chess tournaments being held and sponsors coming in to support the endeavor, the popularity of chess among the youth is  assured.

The Philippines has a very promising future in international chess. Wesley So (originally from Bacoor, Cavite and now represents the United States) is currently Ranked  No. 2 in the World! His winning the recent US Chess Championship is ominous of his clear potential of becoming a World Chess Champion. Of course, when we talk about Philippine chess we cannot fail to mention the legendary Eugene Torre -  Asia's first Grandmaster.

To produce another Chess Grandmaster, we need to focus on the youth and provide  them with all the needed support to further improve their skills. Grassroots programs in chess must be supported and encouraged by the government. We should never forget that chess is a game that we can excel internationally as there is no physical boundaries in this game. Unlike in basketball, height is not might in chess. There is nothing that can prevent anyone from playing great chess and becoming a future World Champion.

To enjoy chess it is of course not necessary to have a "master title". Love the game first and the title will definitely follow. What is more important is to simply enjoy the game and reap the various benefits from playing chess

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