Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fide World Chess Cup 2017 (Tbilisi, Georgia; Quarterfinals)

Wesley So Enters the Semifinals

Wesley So after drawing with Black on the first game won after 83 moves of a same colored Bishop endgame against Vladimir Fedoseev.

Chess Strategy: Weakening of the Kingside

So vs. Fedoseev (After 24. h4)
In the second game, we see how Wesley So took advantage of  Black's Kingside weakness with (24. h4) move. In the diagram above, Black's Kingside pawns were advanced at f6 and g5. There is a strategic principle that pawns behind a castled King should not be moved unless necessary. Pawns once advanced cannot be taken back.

This game is worth the study given the lessons behind how to properly handle a situation where you and your opponent has the same colored Bishop in an almost drawn endgame.

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