Friday, September 08, 2017

PLDT Home Fibr: Finally, A Faster Internet Service

The Internet has definitely changed the way we play chess. Given my busy schedule, I often play online on  I do not have the luxury of traveling to chess clubs in Metro Manila or sit down with a fellow player to play chess. With the notorious traffic, traveling to venues just to play a game or two has become more difficult. Instead, I often find myself in a coffee shop with my tablet playing online. However, there are times that I have to lose a game due to the unreliable and slow Internet. It is really unfortunate that our country is considered as having one of the slowest Internet services in this part of the world.

While we are hopeful that the service will soon improve to competitive standards, I am making most of what we have by playing in areas where the Internet is perceived to be stronger - in malls and other open areas. At this time, it is great to know that "fiber optic technology" has finally hit the Philippines.

Application Process

I just got "PLDT's Home Fibr". I availed of their Unlimited Plan 1899 promising a speed of up to 20 Mbps. Let me share my experience:

While I was walking at SM Fairview on the 4th Floor, a lady manning its booth outside the Office of Smart Communications handed me a brochure for PLDT's Home Fibr. I took the brochure and asked a few questions. After my inquiry and clarifications, I filled out an application form together with a photocopy of my driver's license. I was told that my application will be processed within 5 to 7 days,

After a week has passed and nothing happened, I again visited the office to inquire about the status of my application. The booth was still there but without anyone manning it. I asked the Security Guard stationed at Smart's Office. He told me that inquiries about PLDT can be made at its office at the Terraces (referring to Fairview Terraces, a mall just across SM). I then cross the footbridge and visited PLDT's office located at 3rd Floor of said mall.

At its customer service, I was informed that my application is currently "on process"  and that there is already a "job order" relative to my application. After a week, I went back to PLDT and asked about the status of my application. After waiting for a few minutes, a staff told me that there is "no facility" in my area. In short, after waiting for two weeks my application for PLDT's Home Fibr has been nothing but a waste of time.

After a few days,  I checked PLDT's website. I then again applied or "re-applied" for the said service. In just a day, I got an e-mail from  PLDT regarding my application. In its e-mail, I was told to attach a copy of a valid ID in reply to their e-mail. In compliance, I took a photo of my driver's license and attached it in my reply to PLDT. I also received a call from PLDT's representative who verified my information. The next day, I received an e-mail from PLDT informing me that my application has been approved and that I just have to pay the application fee of P3,600.00.  But to my surprise, even before I can pay the said amount, I already received a call from PLDT's contractor that they are already at my house to install the Home Fibr. As there was no one home, I told them to just go back the next day as I was in the office.

After office, I then proceeded to Fairview Terraces and paid the application fee. As I was paying, I asked the cashier why my application (via filling up an application form) was not processed apparently because of lack of facility in my area while my application (via PLDT's website) was approved almost immediately. The cashier replied that such cases can indeed "happen".
The next day, the same crew went back to my house and installed what I have applied for.

In short, applying in its website compared to filling up forms is a better and faster way to get PLDT's Home Fibr. Or, if your application has been disapproved or not acted upon via filling up of an application form handed to you at a mall, you can try "re-applying" thru PLDT's website.

After my Home Fibr has been installed, a customer service representative called to ask about my comments on their installation crew. Something I really appreciate from PLDT.

The Service

I am very satisfied with PLDT's Home Fibr. My Unlimited Plan of P1899 (Speed up 20 Mbps) is great for playing on, browsing, e-mails and other online tasks. Its uploading and downloading speed are perfect for my lifestyle. After I have logged in at its site,  I played chess without getting disconnected while in the midst of a game. In playing chess online, a fast and reliable Internet service is a must. Watching videos on YouTube and visiting various sites on the Internet has become a breeze.

Unlimited Plan 1899 is indeed the "best value plan" as correctly advertised in PLDT's website. Compared to Plan 1699 with speeds of up to 5Mbps, you can get 15Mbps more for just a difference of P200.00. In fact, even if you compare Plan 1899 with Plan 1699 in PLDT's Speed Plan, you can get 150 GB or 35 Mbps more similarly for just a difference of P200.00.  At any rate,  you can always upgrade to another Plan thru PLDT's website.

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