Wednesday, November 08, 2017

If You Can Only Mute the World (Tronsmart Encore S2 Headphone)

I have been looking for that perfect headset or earphone that can totally mute the world. I mean, I want something that I can put in my ear to shut the whole world out. I fancy having that Muzo -  a noise cancelling devise that can “create your personal space”. Just imagine if you can put the world on silent mode and have quite space where you can just hold a book and read. I think many of us would like to have that peace and quiet.  In YouTube there are several gadgets and devices that are tested, reviewed and allegedly provide a noise cancelling experience. Unfortunately however, those gadgets are not available in our gigantic malls.

I made a screenshot of some noise cancelling devices I saw on YouTube and checked several tech stores inside malls in Quezon City. I went to Cyberzone in SM Fairview, SM North, Trinoma, Fairview Terraces and UP Town Center. Despite my effort I cannot find a headphone or an earphone with a "noise cancelling feature". All that I found only has a “noise isolation” component except the pricey (1) Sony priced at around P8,000.00 which I spotted at Fairview Terraces and (2) Bose for P20,000.00 that I stumbled upon in SM North.  I never bought any of them because (1) I wanted an earphone not a headset, (2) I would never have the chance to try the product unless I am committed to buy it. According to the Saleslady, once the box is opened I am already obligated to buy the product, (3) the price is steep and would only be reasonable if I get to try the gadget and I am sure that it really work.  

While there are headsets and earphones posted on OLX that are advertised to have a “noise cancelling feature”, I opted not to arrange a meetup that I find inconvenient. It is indeed regrettable that most of the gadgets I saw on YouTube are still not available in the Philippines and can only be ordered online which would take days or weeks to arrive. I am also not accustomed to buying online yet as I want to test the product before I make a purchase. I thus instead bought for P1500.00, perhaps out of desperation, Tronsmart Encore S2 Wireless Sport Headphone in SM Fairview. This headphone (actually its an earphone) has the following features: (1) Water/Sweat resistance rating of IPX34; (2) DSP technology reduces noise and increases call resolution by 30%; (3) Compatible with all wireless versions; (4) Powerful Voice Answer/Reject digital microphone to make calls clearer; (5) Up to 12 hours talk-time; and it has a (6) Neckband design. Yes, this is what the box says.

After using this product, I can say that indeed this earphone reduces noise. If you play music or a video in YouTube the Tronsmart Encore S2 drowns the noise around you creating a world of your own. It comes with extra earbuds where you can choose what fits your ear perfectly. Since it connects with the use of Bluetooth, you can move around and not be restricted by wires. Its being water and sweat resistant coupled with its neckband design makes Tronsmart Encore S2 great for biking and running.

Tronsmart Encore S2 however is not a noise cancelling headphone. If you don't play music or video while wearing this device, you can still hear the noise around you. But every time I do my reading in a coffee shop or somewhere around Fairview Terraces particularly at Coffee Bean near the water fountain, I play relaxing music to mute the world and for me to concentrate on what I am reading. Just imagine if we can stop all the noise around us and have that power to hear only what we want, I think this world will be a much better place to live in.

I will be using Tronsmart Encore S2 but it will not deter me from trying other headphones or earphones with a noise cancellation feature. Sometimes in this very noisy and chaotic world, all I want to do is to just sit down, relax and read in my own quite world.  

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