Thursday, January 04, 2018

Better Move: Get the Original or Authentic

Traditionally and for a very long time Cartimar, Pasay City is the place to be if you want to purchase products, devices, implements or any other known and unknown components for almost anything and (sadly) including pets and other animals.

My recent visit however to this place is with a very specific purpose - to purchase another bike customized with an original "Mosso Frame" preferably a hybrid road bike.  I already have a mountain bike with a "Mosso Frame" built here in Cartimar and after years of use, the bike still continues to serve me well.

I have checked online and the authorized supplier  of Mosso Bike Frames can be found here in Cartimar. Mosso frames are affordable but of very good quality. The only problem is there are a lot of fake or what is considered as "Class A"  frames circulating the market. Anyway. if you want to know how to detect an original Mosso Bike Frame particularly the popular "619XC Frame", this guide can be very helpful.

In buying your first (real) mountain bike or any other bike, it is a good move to get the authentic or original bike components. Original components are reliable and lasts for a long time. Fakes or what they call as "Class A" bicycle frames are cheaper but in the long run, they are actually more expensive given the cost of repairs while wasting your valuable time. Your safety is likewise compromised each time you use these fake parts and components.

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