Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Mocha (Escape Artist)

Mocha - the Chihuahua is an "escape artist". She has that uncanny ability to escape from makeshift enclosures that I built to temporarily hold my other pet Chihuahuas. On several occasions, I am surprised how Mocha is able to set herself free, while others were unable to do so. I thought about this and I tried to discover how she does it. What I discovered is something amazing, Mocha is creative and persistent. She tries everything within her very limited power to break free. She would continuously test the strength of the enclosure. When she finds a weak part in the makeshift cage, Mocha would then exploit this by incessantly squeezing herself into it. She would continue to this until she is able to break free.

Mocha has a sibling rivalry with her sister Hershey. When I am near, I often find the two of them growling with one another as if preparing to fight. There are times that their playful gestures often turn into nasty battles where one tries to dominate the other. I think Mocha is trying to show that she is not a pushover. She wants to stand her ground. After a few skirmishes, I see them engaging in friendly gestures. Small fights are common between the two and after some time I got used to it.

Getting a Chihuahua as a pet is definitely a good move. Their small size makes them very handy when traveling. They are loyal (like most dogs) and are very protective. They are very easy to maintain and are a relatively healthy breed. It is their very expressive eyes however that endear them to a lot of people. Due to their small size however,  Chihuahuas are not recommended for families with small children. They may be mishandled or accidentally dropped.

Whenever I get home, my Chihuahuas immediately relieve my stress from work. It is like having a welcoming party each time I get home. They continuously wag their tails accompanied by incessant jumping. Their eyes say how happy they are seeing me back home. It is that awesome feeling of being somewhat "important" to someone's life that makes owning pets very fulfilling! Definitely, there are things that dogs teach us that humans cannot.

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