Monday, September 10, 2018

La Luz Beach Resort (San Juan, Batangas)

La Luz Beach Resort
Brgy. Hugom
Laiya, San Juan

When I visited Palm Beach Resort in Batangas, I saw the sign heading to La Luz Beach Resort. You will pass by La Luz before getting to Palm Beach since the former is on the lower side of the hill.

It is not easy getting a reservation at La Luz. After calling several times during the summer months I was repeatedly informed that the resort is already fully booked. But, I finally had the chance to get a reservation last July. Summer may have passed but at least, I got to enjoy a less crowded La Luz. Having a lesser crowd means less time lining up at the buffet table and more time at the beach.

Everything went well except that there is an incoming storm and the waves are very strong making it very difficult to swim. I tried to swim despite the large waves which I really do not recommend even with a life jacket. Safety should always be a priority. I had that moment where I was swimming and a big wave suddenly came in and I was tossed underneath. Though I managed to get safely on the shore, I knew luck has something to do with it.

What is great about La Luz is it has a wide beachfront where definitely various activities take place especially during summer. During my visit, the beach was deserted perfect for that quiet moment I been longing for such a long time. I stayed in the cabana, closed my eyes and allowed the sound of the waves to make me fall asleep. I think I slept for at least 3 hours! It was one of the most relaxing things I did in a month. Sometimes, all I want to do when I travel to resorts is to get a good rest.

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