Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Running Tips for Beginners

Running seems to be a simple activity.  Humans are supposed to be adapted to it. But there are suggested ways on how to run properly and effectively to avoid injuries.

1)    Get a good pair of running shoes.  Of course, a good pair of running shoes is essential to be able to run properly.  Here is one site on how to choose the proper running shoes for you. You can buy your shoes at the malls or get some help at these stores dedicated to running and runners, such as the Runner's Circle located in Malate and Runnr situated at the Fort Bonifacio High Street.

Runner's Circle is located in Malate, Manila
The Runnr Store is located at the Bonifacio Global City
2)    Before the start of the run, Warm-Up.  “Warming-up” is different from “stretching” which is reserved after the run. Warm up for five to ten minutes by doing donkey kicks, lunges and similar exercises.

3)    Learn the proper running posture. When running, try to avoid these common mistakes. 

Avoid the common mistakes in running
4)    Determine which part of your feet should land first on the ground. This is one important aspect  in order that your may run properly and avoid injuries. At this time, there is a debate on which  part of the foot should land first on the ground when running – rear foot, mid foot or forefoot.  I think however that it is best to land at the balls of your feet.

5)    When running, breathe properly and deeply and keep yourself hydrated.

6)    After learning the basics, just get out there and run. The UP Academic Oval in Quezon City is a great place to begin and test your running skills.

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