Friday, June 06, 2014

How to Find that Running Shoe that Fits Right

If you are runner, or someone who opted to take running either as a sport or part of a fitness regimen, finding that running shoe that fits right can be burdensome, confusing and challenging. There are just a great variety of running shoes in the market.

After several months that I have not run, I ran again at the UP Academic Oval. Using my old running shoes, I tried to regain my old running form. After a walk, run, walk interval, I stopped as I felt some pain on my foot.  I thought it is because I have not run for a while. 

The pain was gone after few days rest. But, the experience made me realize the importance of running the right way and having the right running shoes.   I felt that I needed to replace my old running shoe and find a new one to improve my performance and avoid injury.

Different brands of running shoes can be found in the malls – of various sizes, colors and types. Some are promoted or advertised with a very successful athlete in a recent running competition or event endorsing that apparently perfect running shoe.  But with a truckload of shoes in the market, it is very confusing to determine which running shoe is the most appropriate for you.

At the Bonifacio Global City, I came across the “Runnr Store”, a shoe store that specializes in running and different running apparels.  At this store, there is a “video gait analysis machine” that you can use for free. With assistance from the store’s staff, this machine helps the customer in determining the most appropriate running shoe. I am not sure how accurate the machine and the process is, but somehow it provides a fairly precise analysis and suggestion of what type of running shoe is best for you.

After a brief bout with the machine, I learned that the best shoe for me is one that is “neutral” and gives some form of “stability”.  I then looked at the different brand of shoes of various prices displayed or classified as belonging to these categories.

But, after all the scientific analysis, what is primordial is how comfortable you are in your shoe. Take short walks and feel how the shoe fits. If somehow you feel uncomfortable, consider it a sign that it may not be the perfect or correct fit.

Since the most important function of a running shoe is increasing performance and the prevention of injuries, take time to find that shoe that rightfully fits you.

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