Saturday, June 14, 2014

One Good Site to Watch Chess in Real Time (ChessBomb)

At the Quezon City Memorial Circle, under a shade, I saw an old man holding a newspaper. With much effort, he “re-plays” the reported chess games using a chessboard. One piece at time, the old man desperately tries to recreate an entire chess game. He diligently places a knight, bishop or a pawn on a particular square in a file or rank.  After each piece is accurately and methodically placed on the chessboard, the old man then studies and admires the strategic and tactical brilliance of the chess grandmasters.

Traditionally studying or watching chess games is done only by that method – get a book, newspaper or magazine with a chess game; find a well-lighted and quite spot; and play the game on a chessboard. The scene is like seeing someone playing chess alone.

Prior to the advent of the internet it is rare, if not impossible, to watch games played in international tournaments in real time - unless the game is shown in TV – which is a much rarer occasion. What we usually see are a just a few televised moments of grandmasters pushing some pieces or that “ceremonial moves” played between a politician and the highest rated player at the start of a chess tournament.

Now with the internet everything is in real time. Technology has made it convenient and accessible watching games in international chess tournaments. The proliferation of several online sites dedicated to chess has  contributed a lot in the endeavor of bringing chess to a much wider audience. With these online sites, chess games can be played and re-played for appreciation and deeper analysis.

One best site to watch chess games is “ChessBomb” – an online site where chess games in recent tournaments can be viewed at that very moment a move is actually played.  It is as if you are near the chessboard when you enter this site.

ChessBomb is very convenient – no registration is required.  Just hit the “enter button” and you can have a front row seat in the most competitive chess tournament participated in by the highest rated players in the world. Aside from watching chess tournaments online, there is a “real time computer analysis” on the games played.

Visit the site and see why chess is not only a game but a sport.


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