Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vikings Restaurant (SM North, Quezon City)

If you love to visit eat-all-you-can restaurants, in all probability, you may have already been to this restaurant or are in the process of making plans of going here. Vikings is a trendsetter but actually it is not the first in this line of business.  Eat-all-you-can restaurants are continuously sprouting all over Metro Manila. I can still remember the time when this kind of concept  was deemed to fail from the very start. I mean given the voracious appetite of guests, it is difficult to imagine how an eat-all-you-can restaurant can survive as a business entity. 

It appears however that those days are gone. The concept of an "eat-all-you-can" dining, and earning from the venture, has been accepted. Despite the present economic situation, restaurants of this nature are being established and are continually growing. I recall the story of a restaurant that offered " unli-rice" during the time that the price of this staple is soaring. Many predicted its doom yet eventually the restaurant was bought by a popular food chain and its owner became one of the country's richest man. Can you guess the name of this restaurant? 

I do not intend to belabor the topic except to convey the idea that restaurants  with an "unlimited eating" and "bottomless drinks" are are slowly becoming the norm. During our recent visit in Davao City, I have seen "eat-all-you-can" restaurants, with much lower prices compared in Manila, leading its way in proving the best gastronomic treat to its customers.

I have already visited their branch in the Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Since I enjoyed my visit, I never had second thoughts about visiting their branch in SM North. Vikings in MOA has fulfilled our gastronomic cravings for cuisines of the world and I expect its branch in SM North would not disappoint us.

Together with my friends, we opted to try its dinner buffet. Even before the restaurant opened its doors for dinner, plenty of guests were already on queue. All were patiently and eagerly awaiting that magic time when the restaurant would be accepting guests.  After a few minutes of waiting, Vikings finally called those who had reservations. After they were made comfortable inside those who just "walked-in" were led to their respective tables. The undertaking is a good reminder of the importance of making a reservation to, at least, be ensured of a seat in this often filled restaurant and a way to lessen the pain of standing in a very long line together with other eager and excited customers.

It is the food, ambience and the service that sets buffet restaurants apart. Vikings cuisines are a variety of foods from practically around the world. Dining in this restaurant is like tasting what the world can offer in terms of gastronomic treats. But of course, the Spiral Buffet Restaurant in Hotel Sofitel provides a much wider selection of cuisines. In general, the food in this restaurant is good both in taste and in presentation. There are a number of beverages to choose from, overflowing and bottomless, from soda to beer. In Vikings, eating is limited only by appetite and your stomach's capacity. 

Vikings North Edsa with its high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, comfortable seating, relaxing decors and cool colors  create that feeling and atmosphere for a great dining experience. The cuisines are arranged in a manner that is not overwhelming and good to the eyes.  Food choices are presented in such a way as if enticing us to savor some more.  With a lot of food everywhere, one dining experience is not enough just to be able to taste every cuisine. 

During our visit, the staff showed a very commendable service. When we tried their "shabu-shabu", the staff assisted us in its preparation.  They were there most of the time, when they are needed by the guests.  I have observed that they are constantly looking around for whatever assistance they could give. 

Given the monstrous dining experience, a clean and well maintained comfort room is well appreciated by the guests. Unlike in other restaurants, where the comfort room is often neglected Vikings North Edsa has done substantial efforts to ensure that guests are convenient each time they opt to relieve themselves. I think the importance of a clean toilet in restaurants should be stressed enough to remind the staff to keep it clean at all times.

Viking's North Edsa is smaller compared with their branch in the Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  It does not fell short however in terms of food selections. The variety of cuisines including the choices of drinks, true as advertised and expected, are of international character and flavor. We took our time to enjoy the food and drinks. One way of fully enjoying a buffet is to take time and not be in a hurry. Just relax and enjoy the moment. 

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guerdon bloodheart said...

Actually, the Philippines is still behind because of their requirement of "no leftovers". In the states, for example, all buffet restaurants don't care if you leave leftovers. and the prices are comparable as well... $14.99 for one of the bigger buffet restos here in utah. that price is even cheaper than what i have seen from what Vikings is offering.