Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ayala Triangle Gardens (Makati City)

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Paseo Corner Makati Avenue
Corner Ayala, Makati City

After a good night rest, I walked from my hotel to Ayala Triangle Gardens for some exercise. I aim to be physically fit despite a very hectic schedule. Being physically fit is essential to our health and it is necessary to play competitive chess. It is said that part of Bobby Fischer's preparation in chess tournaments is to isolate himself and exercise. It is not ironic that the game of chess requires not only a healthy mind but a fit body as well. If we look at the players in a chess game, they hardly move. The mental exertion, however, is extremely exhausting and takes a toll on the body.

Ayala Triangle Gardens is the site of the Annual Festival of Lights during the Christmas Season. At the start and at the end of the day, this area is a joggers' haven, pet paradise, food alley, picnic area, nature preserve or simply an open and breathing space amidst all the concrete that is Makati. If literally lost in the heart of this country's financial district, just head here to find your way. Ayala Triangle Gardens is where the major arteries of Makati City converge - Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas and  Makati Avenue. If yearning for fresh air, a place to relax and unwind, eat or have coffee, be with nature or simply to escape the concrete jungle - this is the place to be.

I really appreciate development that takes into account open spaces and integrating the idea of preserving or re-creating nature. Having more trees, plants and greens in open spaces are rejuvenating! It lightens the stress and provides a wider perspective about life as if saying that life is not just a big air-conditioned box. There are greens outside! This is what I like here and UP Town Center - both are designed in such a way that there is a fusion of the natural environment and man-made concrete. 

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