Friday, September 08, 2017

Revlon's Free Hair Color Application

I often have my hair colored. My choice is Revlon's Ammonia Free Hair Color. It is very important that I get hair color that is "ammonia free" and lasts at least a month. I do no want to experience any allergic reaction when using a hair color.

What I like about Revlon is you can purchase their hair color and have it applied by their representative at their "hair coloring application booth". I do not have that uncanny ability to dye my hair all by myself. Though, I tried it a few times but there are always excess color on my hairline that is very difficult to remove and I just cannot get the desired result.

I tried Revlon's Hair Coloring Booth at its Branch in Ever Mall in Commonwealth, Quezon City before a company sponsored Bowling Tournament. After paying for the hair color, I then gave the box to a pretty young lady on Revlon's Booth. After signing a form with a few of my personal details, She then commenced to color my hair. The procedure is supposed to last for an hour. But, I requested to just immersed my hair with Revlon for 45 minutes. One hour is a very long wait. Besides, just after 30 minutes I can feel a little irritation on my scalp.  To avoid getting bored, I often take my gadget and play chess on Playing chess online while going through this hair coloring procedure is one great way to pass the time. Thereafter, my hair is then washed and blow dried.

Revlon also has a branch at SM Fairview. I was in this mall, a few minutes before 10 am. I was the first customer at Revlon's Hair Coloring Booth. I opted to go at this time to avoid the usual long queue as it was a weekend.  After I purchased the product and signing the usual forms, I was there seated with a lady coloring my hair. A less than minute after I was joined by another customer. I was similarly told that the process would take at least an hour. I was asked and I told the lady that it is my first time at this branch but it is not my first to have my hair colored with Revlon. I often go to their branch in Ever Commonwealth.

After Revlon was applied to my hair, I waited for the desired time to pass. It was difficult. It seems like an hour is that much sought after "forever". To make matters worse, I forgot my gadget.  Without any access to,  I have no way of letting the time pass except to have a quick shut eye. I then closed my eyes to rest my tired eyes. After PLDT Home Fibr was installed in my house, I have been playing chess online almost past bedtime.

After just 30 minutes, I requested that my  hair be washed. I am already feeling some irritation on my scalp. While I do not have an "allergic reaction" to hair colors, I often request that my hair be washed the moment I feel some kind of irritation. After the hair color is removed by washing and my hair is dried, the irritation often goes away. At home, I apply coconut oil to my scalp before taking my shower.

Revlon's Ammonia Free Hair Color usually lasts for a month. It is "ammonia free" but as I said I can feel some irritation within 30 minutes of its application. But, I never had a bad experience (except for that slight irritation) every time I use the product. The color blends well with my hair and I often get my desired result. To those who would like to use this product, it is important that an "allergy test" be conducted before its application.

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