Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scenic Views and Mountains (Antipolo, Rizal)

Boso Boso Highlands Resort and Hotel
I never expected to have a great time when I opted to travel to what is now considered as cycling playground in Antipolo, Rizal. I did not ride a bicycle though I saw groups of cyclists and motorcycle riders enjoying the very scenic and mountainous views of the highway.

With the threat of a rapid, if not uncontrolled development, I have been frequenting this highway known as "Marilaque" (a well paved stretch of road that commences in Marikina all the way to the Sierra Madre, passing through Laguna and finally to Infanta, Quezon), to escape the city stress and its notorious traffic. Lately however I noticed that vehicles are now more numerous compared to just a year before. It will definitely be a bad scenario if this beautiful highway is transformed into another EDSA in the future. I do not have anything against urbanization and development. But, there should always have some form of "urban planning" to ensure that any kind of construction will not be detrimental to nature.

Sometimes after a week of hard work, what I simply need is some form of a "sweet escape" from the stress of life. A place where you can see a lush vegetation and green surroundings. A view of the mountains and preferably with imposing trees is more than enough to invigorate myself for another challenging week at work.

There are several establishments along this highway. Every time I travel here, I am able to enjoy the relaxing views of the mountains that always remind me of Tagaytay. It was the first time I visited Boso Boso Highlands Resort and Hotel. I was surprised that there is a "Cafe Cristina Restaurant" where I dined weeks earlier after enjoying a sauna, jacuzzi and spa. My only regret with this restaurant is that there are no vegan options, Most of what is listed in the menu is a combination or purely derived from a sentient being. What I did is to simply eat rice and vegetables served as a side dish.

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